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Welcome to Breakaway Energy Services

Our Project & Construction Management Team is dedicated to turning visions into reality. With a wealth of experience in guiding projects from concept to completion, our team excels in coordinating tasks, optimizing resources, and ensuring timely delivery. 
Meticulous planning, proactive problem-solving, and a commitment to quality define our approach, making us your trusted partners in achieving successful project outcomes. Let us navigate the complexities of construction for you, bringing expertise, efficiency, and excellence to your venture.

Why Us?

Expertise in Oil & Gas Construction

Our dedicated team of professionals brings a strong commitment to sustainability and transparency, coupled with extensive expertise in:

  1. Project Management & Construction

  2. Facility Construction Inspection

  3. Facilities & Control Commissioning

  4. Operational Start-up Assistance, and

  5. Pipeline Construction Inspection


Our unwavering focus on service and relationships ensures the success, safety and integrity of your project.​

About Us

Breakaway excels in Construction & Project Management, Commissioning and Start-up Assistance.  Guided by strong leadership, our diverse skill sets ensure efficient project completion with a strong focus on safety.  With a commitment to excellence, Breakaway delivers precision and speed in every project. 

Our Services

Explore the diverse services offered by Breakaway Energy Services in the Oil & Gas sector.  Learn more about our capabilities and discover how we contribute to the success of your project.

Key Projects

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Breakaway Energy Logo

At Breakaway Energy Services, we prioritize our clients’ goals and objectives.  We tailor our strategies to align with their vision, crafting customized project management solutions that consistently surpass expectations.

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